Since 1995, EE Controls has established a strong distribution network across Canada, where our products are available within every province.

Since our inception in 1994, EE Controls has been a proud exclusive manufacturer’s representative for AEG. (A Division of General Electric) Beginning in mid-2009, EE Controls & GE Industrial (Canada) begun a strong working relationship with our focus being on Low Voltage Motor Control, and Automation. (PLC’s excluded) In addition to our Motor Control offering, we provide Industrial Safety Mats, Man/Machine Safe Guarding Devices, and many other solutions for man-safety applications.

In 2007, EE Controls introduced its ETL/UL/CSA approved starter/panel division. Offering competitive pricing and service unmatched in our industry, custom starters can be built in 1-2days, with same day delivery available for local area (GTA) if a break down situation occurs.

Combination starters can be produced from stock up to 600hp @ 575V! Non-Fusible, Fusible & Breaker type combination starters can be supplied from our inventory here in Canada. In its introduction, EE Controls manufactured merely a couple hundred starters. At the end of 2010, EE Controls had produced over 6,000 starters & panels, ranging from FNVR non-combination starter all the way to 250hp VFD panels with three contactor bypass.

Inventory is maintained here in Canada to meet & satisfy the needs of the Canadian industry. In most instances, next day delivery can be provided.